Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chemigram workshops ahead

Turnbull, untitled chemigram, 2011

A number of readers of this blog have been asking good basic questions about chemigrams, such as how do I make mackie lines, or how do I bring a photo negative into a chemigram, or how do I make these colors with my b&w chemistry.  Each deserves a clear answer, because the last thing we want is to keep a secret from you, that's just not our philosophy.  Once you understand the process better, you'll see it's not difficult.  Mysterious maybe, but not difficult.  In the end, what we really want is for you to use these methods in your own work, to develop your work with a new intensity and chemigramic flair, which we think you'll find rewarding.  We're excited for you, frankly.  So where to begin?

One way is to take a workshop.  Here's a listing of several we and our colleagues are conducting over the next few months.

April 22 - April 29.  Manhattan Graphics Center, NYC.  Glassprints and Chemigrams, with Douglas Collins.

June 16.  International Center of Photography, NYC.  Chemigrams, with Richard Turnbull and Douglas Collins.

April 25 - May 6.  The Leonardo, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Residency with Nolan Preece and Jeanne Chambers.  Innovative collaboration between artist and scientist, using chemigrams and glassprints as a way to study desert ecosystems.  For information and brochure contact

Nolan Preece takes questions from the public, in Nevada, on chemigrams, 2012

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