Thursday, March 3, 2011

Installation view at HackelBury

When the Pierre Cordier show opened recently at the HackelBury Gallery in London, I blogged it and posted a group of pictures from among my many favorites in Cordier's work.  What I neglected to do was give a sense of the space the pictures were shown in, so here it is, an installation view of the main room as you enter.

If there is such a thing as a warm formalism, this must be it: impeccable framing, tasteful lighting, a procession of compact, powerful pictures drawing the eye toward the early evening sky above Launceston Place, an outline of clay chimneypots against deepening blue.  No bombast here, no cries, no shouts.


  1. love those chimneypots at the edge of night. a beautiful, simple post.

  2. Thank you. Yes, the photograph expresses a kind of high-tea tranquillity, but containing too a sense of the powerful acccomplishment of PC's art without directly showing it.

    Maybe it's all about "those chimneypots at the edge of night."

  3. Thanks, Doug. You have brought us a real sense of Pierre's body of work, as well as its contemporary interpretation with the archival ink prints of some of the pieces. These allow a scale for viewing which is begged for by some of the images. It has been an inspiration in my work with "Sarachek style" gestural soft resist images and I am currently scanning and ready to print about 15 for an upcoming show. Very exciting times for a chemigram creator! Good luck in the upcoming course you and Rich Turnbull will be teaching at ICP.