Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to nonfigurative photo

This blog will talk about things, events, people, images, processes, and ideas connected in some way to the art of nonfigurative photography, especially as this art is being practiced today in its many forms, both in the US and around the world.

It will be inclusive rather than exclusive: we encourage news and discussion of approaches that might range from photograms to chemigrams to luminograms and points in-between or beyond. While many posts will likely relate to cameraless work, other kinds of abstract photography will find a place here too, if they seem to us concerned about inventing a reality rather than commenting on or representing one. This theme will be developed in time.

And when there's nothing left to say, I'll comment or muse on some of the technical problems I encounter in my own work.

Meanwhile, welcome to the nonfigurativephoto blog!

Douglas Collins

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  1. Great idea and execution, Doug. There are interesting things going on with cameraless photography and your blog should help us all to communicate. It is fascinating to see the different images and art creating ideas each person working in the area ends up with.Getting ready to make some new series of work as things have been jelling for a while now. Again, congratulations and thanks. Norm Sarachek


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